Centara point of sale solutions trusted by customers around the world

Centara serves hundreds of customers operating businesses the world over. Centara has a proven track record in managing transactions for companies with international retail operations handling any tax situation and multi-currency.

Being a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes, it is deployed equally successfully by a mom and pop store on the high street operating a single outlet, as by an international chain of department stores operating hundreds of outlets.

Providing our demanding customer base with round the clock support and services every day of the year, we strive for total quality.

Low risk of deployment

When choosing a mission critical system minimizing the risk of deployment is an important consideration. Centara is one of the safest systems in its field to deploy as it is:

  • Delivered with professional services to ensure it is customized configured and implemented to your specific requirements.
  • It is quick to deploy following an agile methodology.
  • It is easy to use and the interface with tender keys is completely customizable to achieve quicker user adoption.
  • The system is designed to be independent of operating systems, retail hardware and ERP/accounting systems so there is no vendor lock-in.
  • The system will keep transactions going even if the server goes down or connections to other systems are lost.
  • Centara offers seamless integration with other systems and peripherals. Flexible design based on the ARTS data model and open connectivity of OPOS peripheral drivers, extensive experience and a clear methodology contribute to making integration with external systems safe and expedient.

Fast and efficient

One of the most important design principles of Centara is increased transaction speed and reduced customer waiting time. The highly flexible and customizable interface also allows you to tailor the menus on the screen to your business requirements ensuring minimum transaction time as well as decreased training costs.

Proven return on investment

Centara offers a great return on investment with its expedient solutions. I.e.:

  • When adopting Centara a leading groceries chain in Europe was able to install up to 20% fewer checkout lanes in each store due to the increased transaction speeds offered by Centara. This freed valuable store space for products and increased the profit margin.
  • An international group of department stores operating in most countries in Europe had their daily sales accounting information for all stores collated in one report and one currency sent to headquarters for data mining and analysis. This lead to reduced operating cost with data flowing to and from the point of sale in a unified manner, regardless whether the till was in the cafeteria, the supermarket or in the petrol station.