At Centara we focus is on building long term relationships both with our business partners and their customers. Centara offers our business partners great opportunities for revenue generation and their customers a healthy return on their investment.

Centara actively seeks partnerships with companies that strive to offer their customers excellent service and quality products in order to improve their business.

Centara works with several types of business partners:

  • Software and consulting companies
  • Vendors of retail hardware
  • Vendors of accounting systems selling to the retail sector
  • Independent consultants in technical and business strategy
  • Various other companies offering complementary services to the retail sector

Centara works proactively with its business partners to ensure that they and their customers are given the very best introduction to the products.

Centara support system can be split up in three segments. First comes the certification process with training and development of the relationship with the business partner. Secondly, there is pre-sales support, and assistance in developing special solutions.  Thirdly, third level technical support and possible joint marketing ventures.

  • Account manager
    A dedicated account manager works with each partner to make sure that he or she receives the support and resources needed to move proactively in the market.
  • Training
    The training program is tailored to familiarise business partners with the products within a short time frame and enable them to handle customer queries with confidence and ease. The training program is focused on sales and technical support.
  • Pre-sales support
    The Centara pre-sales team assists business partners with all relevant information in the sales process, both on a commercial and technical level.
  • Professional support
    Centara is an extremely flexible and versatile system. The professional development teams assist the business partners with retail consulting and in delivering a wide range of services, from system configurations to creating custom built applications.
  • Technical support
    Centara provides its partners with third level technical support.
  • Marketing
    Centara works with its partners on joint campaigns in bringing Centara to market and may provide various marketing support, such as direct advertising and market research.