Centara Intelligent with Vinber & Shopify

Shopify and Centara

Recently we had the pleasure of sponsoring a highly successful Shopify “Meetup event with our partner Vinber in Reykjavik. This was the first Shopify “Meetup” event held in Iceland with over 200 participants – Shopify users, brick and mortar and e-commerce operators.

The agenda included introduction of current and upcoming Shopify features as well as very interesting panel discussions, where our customer Nespresso Iceland participated. Nespresso explained how the Centara cloud server plays essential role in their omni channel environment. Most important is their sales and service to club members as well as operating efficient supply chain management.

Centara connects intelligently to Shopify with all transactions flowing through our cloud server, from the online store as well as Centara point of service in store or at self service locations.

We are excited about upcoming projects with our partner Vinber who specializes in building intuitive e-commerce solutions with Centara and our customers on the Shopify platform.