Acumatica and Centara 7

Centara 7 is out – faster, intelligent search & Acumatica Connector

Centara 7 was released 15th of April, more intelligent and with a new Acumatica ERP Connector.  

We have partnered up with new great customers in the last few months as well.  Among them Perroy, the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in Iceland which is using Centara for the omni-channel membership.  The Centara Server is the heart of Nespresso Iceland retail operation and is seamlessly integrated through Shopify plug-in and Microsoft Dynamics NAV connector.

Point of Sale Improvements & New Features

Customer experience changes on the point of sale include improvements in performance and inclusion of subject in our search.  Item scanning and item entry has been greatly optimized and our menu tree search is very fast, even with large images on menus.

We have improved our Moneris EFT/EMV payment connector for North America markets as well as the Baxi EFT/EMV payment connector for Norway and Sweden.

We have also made some great enhancements to multi-languages menus and localization possibilities as well as customer facing displays enabling for up-selling.  We have added label printing for Zebra printers as well as support for Windows receipt printers.


New Acumatica ERP Connector

We are very excited to announce our ISV partnership with Acumatica at the same time we release our Acumatica Connector. This means that Centara is now offered as a standard retail solution within the worldwide Acumatica partner network.

Acumatica is the fastest growing cloud EPR in the world with 144% revenue growth in 2017. Acumatica is built on a modern, flexible cloud platform consisting of a single database and core system foundation functions, including user management, security, and report management.

Built onto the foundation are foundational business management functions, including customer management, financial management, project accounting, and distribution management.

Centara is adding vertical business functionality for retail and e-commerce companies with the Centara Acumatica Connector, a great offering to retailers that want modern omni-channel system environment. The systems are seamlessly integrated allowing for a truly omni-channel experience for consumers at the point of sale.


Centera Server improvements and additions

Centara 7 version has some great new enhancements that users will experience in terms of quick and easy POS setup.  We have made great changes to the user experience with Groups contents being more visible and editable from where they are used.  And menu selection is now more fine-grained than before.

In terms of quick and easy setup of the system, GetCentara functionality is now integrated into the server, so new releases can be pulled from directly in the server. Centara´s transaction processor is now also better integrated into the server user interface, which gives a great status view of all processors.

The Centara team has worked closely with customers to make Centara 7 a great release for their retail operation and we are certain that new added functionality as well as our improvements will be greatly received.  The team is of course already working on our post Centara 7 release and exciting times are ahead with new functionality coming out later this year.

Here you can find our Centara 7 – Release Notes.  Do not hesitate to Contact us get more details on Centara 7 latest release.