HB International, also known as HBI, is a leading software house in Iceland with expanding business in other countries.

HBI was founded in 1981 and incorporated in 1984, with a mission to design, produce, sell and support computer software. From the very beginning the main effort has been its own software development.

It is dedicated to the production of high quality software for advanced projects in retail and hospitality.

The Icelandic home market, which is highly demanding and with modern needs, has proven to be an excellent base for development of products suited for international distribution. In addition to international contract work, HBI has been exporting its software since 1990. There are now thousands of satisfied HBI customers in over 60 countries around the world.

Company name
The company’s name “HB International”, comes from an abbreviation of the Icelandic name “Hugbúnaður” or “Hugbunadur” using the English alphabet. These names are used interchangeably. The abbreviations “HBI” and “HB” are also commonly used when referring to the company.

The Icelandic name, “Hugbúnaður”, translates into English as “Software”, which explains that the primary function of HB International is to design, produce, sell, and support computer software.

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